Summer School 2012

Will Frager returned to COHH this summer. He left last August to begin his Master's degree program at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He immediately began his evaluation of the first year first grade and assisted with the administration of the final exams. At the same time, he began the preparation for our summer school. We were very fortunate to find a highly talented teacher, Darling Joseph, to lead the summer school class.


Post date: July 16, 2012 Author: James L. Lipscomb

Will You Come Into This House?

Now that I have your attention, are you willing to listen to an offer you cannot refuse? We are ready to intake our first orphans this fall. When we start our selection process this summer for our first grade class, we would like that class to consist of orphaned children (or as many as possible).


Post date: May 23, 2012 Author: James L. Lipscomb
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