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Smiling Faces - Dentists & Chidren

Jocelyne Telson, a long time friend of COHH  wrote us in February  asking whether she could bring a team of dentists to visit our orphanage and school in Hinche.


Post date: August 21, 2014 Author: admin

Living Water and Our Angels

For the last eight years, we have struggled to get water to our orphanage site. In 2004, the Rotary of Wilton, CT agreed to provide us with $4,000 to help buy a generator that would power the pump to a well. Since that time, we have constructed the first phase of our orphanage project, opened our school, purchased a generator and connected to the national power grid, but not until this week were we able to get a supply of water out of the ground.


Post date: March 3, 2013 Author: James L. Lipscomb

Letter To The COHH Board of Directors


Foremost, I wish to say thank you.

Thank you for your work and devotion to the children of Haiti. I am a firsthand witness to how your organization has touched lives and offered a brighter future to the impoverished children of rural Haiti.


Post date: August 4, 2012 Author: James L. Lipscomb
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