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Children In the Hands of Would-Be Donors

When we started our journey over 10 years ago, we thought our challenges would be in Haiti – a nation rife with poverty and corruption and deficient in education and skilled labor. Haiti, a country with the highest per capita orphan ratio in the world, presents a compelling case for any humanitarian. We were convinced that people in general, but the United States in particular, would respond generously to ameliorate the plight of the children once informed about the local conditions.  Unfortunately, to-date we have been wrong.


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Joy To Our World and Our Children

Yes,Christmas does come to Haiti. COHH held its second annual Christmas Party at the orphanage for the children, their families and the staff. The event was held in the afternoon after school. Our cook, Vernice prepared a very special meal for the occassion. The children participated in a "Voice" contest as each took turns singing their favorite Christmas carols. I do not know if Santa was able to visit the homes of everyone, but everyone did get to know what it means to be a family at Christmas time.


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A Beautiful School Yard

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Dely Djerwensky, a second grader at the COHH elementary school drew the picture of a flower and added the following legend underneath - "look how beautiful is the school yard with flowers. Let's all the children plant flowers, so we will have a beautiful yard too." Dely loves his school. On his behalf this holiday season, please support his cause to make his school beautiful. He does not understand how big a task lies ahead. With your help, he needs only to worry about having fun planting his beloved flowers.

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