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Your Change Is Worth Every Penny

Want to help our children? Do you know that you can sponsor your own COHH event on our website? You get your own webpage with your own graphics for your event. You can plan a virtual event where your guests attend on line or you can plan an actual event and your guests can attend at your appointed time and place.


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2013 Hope Award To DOMUS Kids

The Center of Hope (Haiti), Inc. Hope Award has been given annually since 2005 at the Center of Hope (Haiti) Annual Gala. The Award is given to an individual or organization that has focused on the underprivileged in society in an effort to relieve their poverty, improve their health and well-being and enhance their educational experience. These objectives are very much in line with the work of Center of Hope (Haiti), Inc. in Haiti. This year, the Hope Award will be presented to DOMUS Kids, Inc. at the Center of Hope (Haiti), Inc.


Post date: June 13, 2013 Author: James L. Lipscomb

Happy New Year 2013

As we begin our 9th year of existence, I am anxious to say “Happy New Year” to all that have come to know the Center of Hope (Haiti). No, the years have not gone by fast. On the contrary, it seems as if we have been on a never ending journey where time seems to be incidental. I am anxious because in this new year, we need dedicated friends now more than ever.


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An Opportunity To Celebrate




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Electricity Comes To The Orphanage



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