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Center of Hope (Haiti), Inc. Twelfth Annual Gala

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Center of Hope (Haiti), Inc. will be celebrating its Twelfth Annual Gala on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at The Tent at the Bryant Park Grill, New York, New York.  Our annual galas are our primary source of funding for the operations of COHH. This year we will also be raising funds to help complete construction of our school. Your support, in any amount, would be very much appreciated. 

Smiling Faces - Dentists & Chidren

Jocelyne Telson, a long time friend of COHH  wrote us in February  asking whether she could bring a team of dentists to visit our orphanage and school in Hinche.


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What A Difference A Year Makes

Last year this time we were vetting children for our orphanage. We decided to proceed in a deliberate manner and select only a few children. We wanted to fully understand and experience what it means to operate an orphanage, particularly the role of parenting children from destitute backgrounds with no known parents.


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Your Change Is Worth Every Penny

Want to help our children? Do you know that you can sponsor your own COHH event on our website? You get your own webpage with your own graphics for your event. You can plan a virtual event where your guests attend on line or you can plan an actual event and your guests can attend at your appointed time and place.


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Happy Mothers' Day - The Month of May

In Haiti, a mother is the person with whom the child grows up – birth mother, grandmother, sister, Aunt, friend of the family or people at the orphanage. Overtime, a child may have several mothers and eventually no mother at all. Although in Haiti Mother's Day is the last Sunday in May, for the entire month of May we would like to send a special acknowledgement to Haitian mothers for their roles in Haitian family life. In Haiti it is a tradition to wear a flower in honor of your mother on Mother's Day.


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Happy Easter & Anniversary

Tomorrow is Easter. It is also the 9th anniversary of the Center of Hope (Haiti). For COHH, it is only fitting that the two events coincide for we know that we represent His mercy and grace upon children in Haiti. COHH is not one or two people, but rather many people who have for 9 years worked to achieve our mission in Haiti.


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Dangerous Unselfishness

Happy New Year 2013

As we begin our 9th year of existence, I am anxious to say “Happy New Year” to all that have come to know the Center of Hope (Haiti). No, the years have not gone by fast. On the contrary, it seems as if we have been on a never ending journey where time seems to be incidental. I am anxious because in this new year, we need dedicated friends now more than ever.


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Joy To Our World and Our Children

Yes,Christmas does come to Haiti. COHH held its second annual Christmas Party at the orphanage for the children, their families and the staff. The event was held in the afternoon after school. Our cook, Vernice prepared a very special meal for the occassion. The children participated in a "Voice" contest as each took turns singing their favorite Christmas carols. I do not know if Santa was able to visit the homes of everyone, but everyone did get to know what it means to be a family at Christmas time.


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