Meet Garysson!

Garysson Céné began at the Center of Hope (Haiti) school in 2012 and is now one of our fifth graders.  Like many of our students, he comes from a large family.  He has eleven siblings; two of his younger siblings also attend the Center of Hope school.  Garysson works hard in school and is proud to have maintained a minimum overall GPA of 8.5 (out of 10).  His favorite school subject is math and he aspires to be an engineer.  As he wrote in 2015, he wants to be an engineer “so I can build a house for my mother and father to live in, to build a house that I can live in.”  


Post date: November 27, 2016 Author: Julie Atkinson

Our Commitment to the Children

We have just finished registering a new group of first graders for the fall.  A bubbly group of six year olds who are eager to learn and chosen based on factors including need and their proximity to the school.  They will begin in our summer program where they will begin to learn their ABCs and writing, for most of them, for the first time.  It is the start of their formal education and the start of a mutual commitment.


Post date: July 5, 2016 Author: Julie Atkinson

A Volunteer's Perspective

We were thrilled to welcome Jane Sampeur to Hinche this fall as a volunteer to work with the children.  I am pleased to share with you her thoughts on her experience.  Thank you, Jane, for being part of our community and COHH family.


Post date: January 4, 2016 Author: admin

Children In the Hands of Would-Be Donors

When we started our journey over 10 years ago, we thought our challenges would be in Haiti – a nation rife with poverty and corruption and deficient in education and skilled labor. Haiti, a country with the highest per capita orphan ratio in the world, presents a compelling case for any humanitarian. We were convinced that people in general, but the United States in particular, would respond generously to ameliorate the plight of the children once informed about the local conditions.  Unfortunately, to-date we have been wrong.


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I Am In This Race

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In a country that ranks last in virtually every positive index in the western hemisphere, there is a race to save the lives and future of its children. I joined the race over 10 years ago. You can join today! For as little as $5 (U.S.) or the equivalent in other currencies, you can help the Center of Hope (Haiti) bring some of the children across the finish line.

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