2006 Annual Gala

COHH Introduces The Hope Award At Inaugural Gala

November, 2006 (New York). At its Inaugural Gala at The Ballroom at The Prince George Hotel in New York City in November, 2006, COHH introduced the Hope Award. The Center of Hope (Haiti)’s mission is about making a difference in the lives of children – offering the realization of a dream that seems beyond reach. We recognize that our dream is but a drop in the bucket when it comes to the children in Haiti. However, in a country where hope is a dream, every drop counts. As we move forward with our mission, it is our intention to recognize those individuals that assist us in significant ways in achieving our mission. To do this, we established the Hope Award.

Emmanuel St. Juste – First Recipient
James Lipscomb presented our first Hope Award to our founder, Pastor Emmanuel St. Juste. Emmanuel, born into poverty in Haiti, has a life-long dream to help the many children in Haiti who have yet to attain their dream. In the Old Testament, Genesis 37:19, the brothers of Joseph said, “Here comes that dreamer. Come, let us slay him.” At our Inaugural Gala, we came not to slay the dreamer, but to honor him with our first Hope Award.

C. Robert Henrikson – Second Recipient
Emmanuel St. Juste presented our second Hope Award to C. Robert Henrikson, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of MetLife, Inc. for his long-standing support of programs for education and for disadvantaged youth and his commitment to youth, at home and abroad. His work with the National Child Labor Committee and AmeriCares were mentioned as two examples of Henrikson’s concern for disadvantaged youth.