COHH 10th Annual Gala Celebration

November, 2015 (New York). The Center of Hope (Haiti), Inc. held its 10th Annual Gala Celebration at the Tent At Bryant Park Grill. The theme of the evening was the unveiling of the first renderings of a new elementary school. The new school will house grades 1-9 and will be constructed over a one –year period subject to available funds. Julie Atkinson, the Executive Director, stated that the school will be a collaboration of COHH and the Building Goodness Foundation of Charlottesville, VA.  Kelly Eplee, the Executive Director of BGF and Steve Davis, the architect were both on hand for the unveiling.

Emmanuel St. Juste, the COHH Chairman of the Board and Mark, the COHH President, both provided updates on the ongoing operations of COHH in Hinche, Haiti. They also expressed their appreciation for the work of Will Frager as the Executive Administrator in Hinche for the past year and Julie Atkinson, the Executive Director that joined COHH in March of this year. They also welcomed BGF as a partner in the new school project. Mark Newton as the audience to become a “donor” and an “ambassador” for COHH, particularly at this critical time where fundraising is a perquisite to the successful completion of the school.

Julie Atkinson presented the COHH Hope Award to Duane L. Hughes, a Managing Director and the Chief Operating Officer of the International Wealth Management business unit of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.; Carine Jean-Claude the Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President, Legal Affairs of Arrow Electronics, Inc. and The First Baptist Church of White Plains, New York as individuals and an entity that set distinguished examples of championing humanitarian and social causes that seek to level the playing field for everyone regardless of the many dimensions of diversity that make us who we are in society.

After the presentation of the Hope Awards, James Lipscomb introduced the a new COHH video produced by the Raw Media Network, entitled, “Educating the Forgotten Future Leaders of Haiti”. Johnny Boston and Paul Dolzall of Raw Media Network and Will Frager were recognized for their volunteer work on the project.

Highlights of the Gala and guests can be seen on the video at right.