2011 Annual Gala

November, 2011 (New York). At its Sixth Annual Gala at The Tent At Bryant Park Grill in New York City. COHH presented its Hope Award to Nicholas Latrenta, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of MetLife, Inc. for his distinguished service in support of charitable organizations. The Gala was held for the sixth year to raise funds for developing and operating an orphanage in Hinche, Haiti.

COHH President, Mark Newton, noted that one bright spot for COHH in 2011 occurred in January where after more than six years of relentless effort, COHH was finally approved as an NGO in Haiti. Another bright spot was COHH being able to conduct a summer school program summer. COHH had 12 children and three teachers going through the paces. It was a learning experience for everyone and very rewarding in the end. A slide show of the Summer School program shown at the Gala.

COHH Chairman, Emmanuel St. Juste presented special Hope Awards to three Board members, Charles Galda, Nancy Lipscomb and Mark Newton, for their distinguished service to COHH. Mr. St. Juste noted, "we could not compensate them for their work, nor would they for one moment expect or accept the same. They have been and continue to be dedicated to the mission of the Center of Hope (Haiti). It has been our blessing to have them serve on our Board."

COHH also presented its Hope Award to the honoree of the evening, Nicholas Latrenta, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of MetLife, Inc. Mr. Latrenta was introduced by James L. Lipscomb, COHH Executive Director, who noted that "Nick has a history of caring about people. He has long supported education at his alma mater law school – Seton Hall; supported the VFW and disabled veterans organizations; and various disaster relief activities of P.O. Box 150 Stamford, CT 06904 www.centerofhope-haiti.org his church including Katrina, Japan and Haiti." Lipscomb went on to note that when Nick was asked why he supports such causes, he said "you get to see the really important things in life. The evening closed with an update by Paul Cicchetti, a Director of COHH that serves a Principal of the COHH school in Hinche. Paul informed the audience that in October COHH opened its school with its first class 15 first grade level children. He noted that the children are not orphans, but do come from families that can not afford to send them to school. COHH does not have staff on the ground in Haiti to enable it to open its orphanage at this time. Mr. Cicchetti's remarks were followed by the video at left of the school opening and the children.