Hope Awards

Center of Hope (Haiti) established its Hope Award in 2006 at its inaugural annual gala in New York City. The Board of Directors determined that an annual gala would be an opportunity to update our partners, supporters and friends on the activities of Center of Hope (Haiti) over the previous year as well as raise significant funding for ongoing operations and activities. The gala would be a singular event that brings more people together to learn more about COHH than at any other time. The Board also determined that a gala would an ideal time to recognize individuals that exemplify the ideals of COHH. Our mission -to foster livelihood and hope for the future of orphaned children of Haiti by providing shelter, education, nutrition, emotional security, healthcare and life skills to the children and their caregivers - sets the standard COHH uses in determining who would be appropriate receipients of the Hope Award. The award is not limited to individuals who are involved with COHH activities. The Hope Award recognizes individuals that have a track record of not only caring about the well-being of the under privileged, but also having taken personal actions to help alleviate the conditions of poverty.

Our first recipients of the Hope Award were Rev. Emmanuel St. Juste, one of the founders of COHH and the Chairman of the Board for his leadership and vision, and C. Robert Henrikson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of MetLife, Inc, for his extensive support of not-for-profit intiatives to alleviate poverty. Since 2006, we continued to build a distinguished list of recipients of the Hope Award. To know and learn more about our Hope Award recipients, click on the year in the right column of this page.