Posted Date: Friday April 6, 2012
Author: James L. Lipscomb
Description Fortunately, our children were off from school this week to celebrate Easter. On Wednesday, we experienced a nightmare in broad daylight that will be...
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Posted Date: Sunday March 25, 2012
Author: James L. Lipscomb
Description I remember my first trip to Haiti in June 2001. We visited the North Haitian Mission in the northern part of Haiti near a village named Caesse. We...
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Posted Date: Friday February 24, 2012
Author: admin
Description There is a dearth of trees in Haiti because many of the trees have been harvested over the years for firewood and furniture. At COHH, we have planted...
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Posted Date: Saturday February 11, 2012
Author: admin
Description Mardi Gras is celebrated around the world including throughout South America, Europe and the Carribean. Everyone seems to have their own special way...
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